In Loving Memory: Tom Childs 1954-2023

Question Mark Car Wash 'Awash in History' Car Wash

What's better than a spotless car? How about one washed by (seen here) the ghosts of James Garfield, Steven Spielberg, Harvey Pekar, and Neil Armstrong!

Voted Question Mark's #2 Car Wash

Voted Question Mark's #1 Historically-Relevant Car Wash

Featuring a fully automated, touchfree car wash and exterior and interior detailing by historically-accurate celebrated ghosts of Ohio

Come get your car cleaned and learn about the history of the great state of Ohio while you wait!

Featuring the ghosts of Warren G. Harding, Annie Oakley, Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg and many more deceased, but famous, Ohians!

Family-owned and operated since 1976

Formerly St. Sebastian's Catholic Cemetery

Our Owners

The story of the Question Mark Car Wash is a tale of determination, perseverance, and the power of turning a small idea into a successful business venture. Tom and Barbara Childs, a couple from Morrisville, Ohio, started their journey with just $12.15 and the idea of supplementing their income. Initially, Barb suggested the car wash business as a potential option. However, Tom had doubts about its profitability.

But an important turning point came in the summer of 1975 as the nearby city of Question Mark, Ohio was exhuming a cemetery to make its Main Street wider. At the time, Barb was working as an accountant at a local real estate office and heard about the property becoming available. With only $12.15, the couple sought a loan from the bank. After being rejected by thirteen banks, they finally received a positive response in 1976.

With the bank's support and some additional financial assistance from local entrepreneur Buck Walters, inventor of Buck's Goofy Goggles and a history buff, who suggested they make the car wash history-themed, Tom and Barb started construction on the car wash. Despite the coldest winter in years, the car wash turned out to be a resounding success. Since then, the Question Mark Car Wash has become a town landmark. Tom is now part of the Question Mark Town Council and oversees the Town Elections and Voting Committee.

The story of Tom and Barb Childs exemplifies how determination, innovation, and the ability to overcome obstacles can lead to remarkable success, showcasing the power of entrepreneurship and the impact of unwavering commitment.

Our Services

At Question Mark Car Wash, our commitment is to offer a wide array of top-notch services that cater to every aspect of your vehicle's needs. We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure that your car receives the utmost care and attention.

From our state-of-the-art, fully automated, touch-free car wash, which guarantees a spotless exterior without any risk of damage, to our meticulous exterior and interior detailing, we leave no stone unturned in making sure your vehicle looks and feels its absolute best.

What truly sets us apart is our unique approach of enlisting historically-accurate celebrated ghosts of Ohio to handle the detailing, which Buck Walters, our original investor, referred to as "Spooktacular." This not only adds a touch of historical charm to your experience but also ensures that your vehicle is pampered by the best in the business, even beyond the realm of the living. Our dedication to both your car's appearance and the rich history of Ohio creates an unparalleled experience, where your vehicle receives the special care and attention it truly deserves.

Our History

Our car wash is located on the former site of St. Sebastian’s Catholic Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in the Question Mark area, with the earliest marker dating back to 1740.

The 1975 re-zoning of the town included the expansion of Main Street, which forced the town council to make the difficult decision to move the cemetery. As far as we know all graves and existing remains were then moved to St. Casimir’s Non-Denominational Cemetery in 1976 just before our car wash facility began construction.

In honor of the legacy of our town and the incredible achievements of many important citizens hailing from the state of Ohio, we decided to dedicate the car wash as a place where people could get a great car wash and learn a little more about the amazing place they live while they wait.